Assignment 2 Aims and Objectives


The aim of this project was to create a piece of interactive media. Keeping in line with the guide lines each individual was able to base their interactive media on their own field. My chosen way of showing interactivity in the media was to use writing. I have created a website that allows the user to become involved in the story that is being told on the website as well as allowing the user to jump back forth between different aspects of the story at will.
The way that I have done this is by telling the story but not giving away the entire background of the character within the story, but only what is necessary for the understanding of the story. I have then created links using character names to allow the reader to read up on the background of the main characters. Because I created a website I able to have a member’s page where people can join the website and interact with each other where they can leave their comments and thoughts and others can comment on them. I took this further by then also turning the website into a Facebook application so that people can use their Facebook to share the website with others and to leave comments.
In order for this type of interactivity to work I had to make the website an on-going piece, the interaction would end if I were to put the entire story up at once, as the audience would not have anything to discuss.


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