The story line


The inspiration for my website came from a number of websites that have been set up recently that are basically online books but because there isn’t a limited amount of space as there is with books the author is able to give full background stories of the main characters that the readers will want to know about etc.

This is essentially what Ii am going to create. I have already thought of a plot for the story and its based in Greek mythology but in the present time. its that thing where things happen thousands of years ago that are mythical but then it starts to happen again in the present.

In this case the primordial greek gods of each element are watching over the earth, but their children the cyclopes rebel against them due to them feeling that the gods prefer the humans to their own children. they begin a war on the human race that threatens to wipe us all out. the four gods unable to destroy their own children each pick a human in which to place part of their powers, with each being able to control a different element. in the end the humans captured the cyclopes and locked them in Tartarus (a pit, or an abyss used as a dungeon of torment and suffering that resides beneath the underworld.)

as thanks the gods allowed the humans to keep their new found abilities and use them to rule the earth in peace.

everything was fine until we skip to the present time…

the way in which I’ve related the story to the present time is that there is an increase in weapons that are in circulation (this relates to the cyclopes as they were the ones that forged the weapons for the greek gods.

I am dividing this story up into many sections so that the website can keep going on and keep being added to as that is what makes this story interactive.

in the present the character Simon is a police officer who is having to deal with the increase of weapons. this character is the descendent of the character who was given the power of earth. by the end of the first story he will discover this about himself.

the idea is that by the end of the first story line the readers can click on simon and be able to read his back ground story.

readers can also leave comments and suggestions when they become members of the website. thats the idea at the moment an I am taking it from there.


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